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Create your own small green roof

My Green Roof Kits are perfect for bin shelters, bike sheds, and wood stores.

Cost of My Green Roof Kit

I x My Green Roof Kit 2m2 = £168 

1 x Local Milton Keynes delivery = £30

Step one - Check the strength of your structure

Make sure you have a structure that can hold the weight of your chosen green roof. 

Step two - Order your My Green Roof Kit

My Green Roof Kits are 2 square meters and will cover 1 wheelie bin shed holding 2 bins. Choose your living roof, wildflowers, sedum plug plants, or sedum blanket. Order your My Green Roof Kit

Step three - You can pick up your kit from our plant nursery in Wavendon or we will contact you to arrange a delivery (delivery is local to the Milton Keynes area and costs £30)

Then it's over to you, use our simple guide and get creative

Extras - My Green Roof Kit Parts

You may want to add some extra edging or pebbles. you can find out more about green roof products here

My Green Roof Kit: About
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